Escape R (Pre-order)


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The Electric Motion ESCAPE “R” is the ultimate mixture of trial and trail. It’s a combination of all our best parts, and when we add in it’s low eco-footprint and almost-silent operation, the gas-powered competition can’t even come close.

The most exciting feature of the ESCAPE “R” is its full-functioning Hydraulic Diaphragm Clutch. Just like a gas bike, the clutch system on ESCAPE “R”lets the rider perfectly modulate the power; it is truly game-changing.

Add in the Hi-Capcity Battery and the seat, and you have a bike that can delivery hours of fun, performance, and comfort.



Electric Motion was the first manufacturer to offer a fully-functioning Hydraulic Diaphragm Clutch to the general public. This setup is a revolutionary advancement for the electric drivetrain , allowing the rider to perfectly modulate the motor’s power, load the suspension for big obstacles, and expertly control the rear wheel traction. The hydraulic clutch on Escape “R” makes it possible to conquer obstacles and clean sections that were never possible on an electric trials bike before.


The 50.4 volt electric motor is the heart of the Escape “R”. Providing great torque, responsive power, and near-silent operation, this motor is ready to deliver countless hours of trouble-free Trials enjoyment.


Escape “R” features the latest TECH ALUMINUM RACING front fork. The industry-standard for reliability and function, the new TECH fork offers the Escape “R” model enhanced front-end traction and increased performance. They are supple enough to glide over roots and rocky stream beds, yet they provide plenty of pop to unload over big obstacles and are able to soak up big drops.



Range 38 miles
Torque 600nm
Top speed 46.6 mph
Weight 183 lbs