Epure (Pre-order)


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The Electric Motion Epure is the lightest electric trials bike on the market; it’s a featherweight that rivals the weight of even its gas-powered counterparts!

Epure is the lightweight play bike that you’ve been dreaming of. Playful, snappy power, bicycle-like ergonomics, and gravity-defying suspension turn even the smallest riding area, like your backyard, into the ultimate playground!

The quick-turning chassis practically balances itself, and the excellent suspension, brakes, wheels, and controls will have you feeling at home almost immediately. Get ready for some fun!



Epure comes with the innovative Progressive Regenerative Brake (PRB) / Progressive Electronic Lever Switch (PELS) standard on the left hand lever. This system gives you the option to choose the function of the lever on the left side of the handlebars.

When PRB is enabled, the left hand lever works almost like a rear brake; pulling the lever engages the regenerative engine brake and slows the rear wheel, all while charging the battery. The farther the lever is pulled in, the more the rear wheel slows.

When PELS is enabled, the left hand lever works almost like a clutch lever, in that it allows you to quickly cut the power to the rear wheel by pulling in the lever on the left side of the handlebar. Let the lever back out, and the power picks up instantly where you left off.

Switching between PRB and PELS is as simple as removing the plastic top cover and changing the direction of the wiring plug.


Another striking Electric Motion innovation for 2022 is the addition of Traction Control across the entire EM model lineup. In slick conditions, the strong power and torque can sometimes be hard to manage. To aid the rider, EM’s Traction Control limits torque and power at these crucial moments to improve traction. Traction Control can be turned ON and OFF at any time while riding by using the grey button located on the handlebar.



For 2022, EM simplified the rider’s cockpit with an all-new control switch. Located on the left side of the bars, the new control switch carries out a multitude of functions.

The button at the top of the handlebars allows the rider to switch the Traction Control system on and off.

The map button at the bottom of the switch allows the rider to switch between maps. The LED at the center displays a color that corresponds with the current map selection.

Speaking of maps, Epure has 3 total maps for 2022:

  • Green = Low Power
  • Blue = Medium power
  • Red = High/Full Power



  • The digital charge indicator, nestled in the handlebar pad, displays your remaining battery charge so you always know how much power you have left.



    With Electric Motion motorcycles, there is no smelly gas or messy oil to mess with. Preparing your Epure to ride is as simple as charging the battery. Plug one end of the charger into a standard 120v wall outlet, and the other end into the battery; just flip up the rubber cover and plug it in – it’s as easy as charging your phone.

    With the included 15A charger, ePure takes 3 hours and 20 minutes to charge a fully-depleted battery. In hurry to get back out there? Upgrade to the 25A Quick Charger to be back on the trail in just over 2 hours.



    Range 26.5 miles
    Torque 600nm
    Top speed 43.5 mph
    Weight 161 lbs